Toddler’s Lodge Preschool is located in a rustic country setting. Our mission is to provide a warm, caring, and stimulating educational environment, where children can grow and develop to the best of their abilities.
— Jenny Eustace

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Our Setting

Toddler's Lodge is a play based pre-school set in a rustic country location
with secure surroundings which include two custom built classrooms with full outdoor play area, and car park attached. 



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The Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) scheme is a National Government funded Pre-school Year that provides one free year of placement to all children from three to five years old.

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Toddler's Lodge staff comprises a team of highly qualified childcare practitioners who are committed to the provision of quality, standardised practise in the care and education of your child. 


Our custom built facility and play area provides the ideal environment for your child to develop.


From the moment your child steps into our school we strive to make every moment into a happy learning experience. Our rooms are equipped with a wide range of learning environments such as shops, kitchens and art areas.



No two children learn the same way


At Toddler's Lodge, we firmly believe that no two children learn the same way. Each child needs to be provided with the opportunity to learn in a way that works for them, and one which they enjoy.



A purpose built child focused facility 


We have a dedicated Montessori Room with all our equipment displayed on low shelving for individual freedom of choice.The materials cover Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Maths exercises. The programme includes teaching with simple lessons as well as a stimulating and non-pressured environment for children's minds and curiosities to grow.



Forming partnerships with parents


At Toddler's Lodge we recognise that a close relationship between staff, and parents and guardians is a clear indicator of a quality childcare service. We welcome parents' comments, questions and feedback at all times. We encourage parental involvement in activities or areas of interest that they may have.
We aim to create a school environment that encourages parents to become involved.



Daily Activities


Meet and Greet: catching up on stories from the previous day/evening
Speaking to parents, beginning the day, welcoming children.

Free play: here the children develop their interests by using all the different interest areas within the classroom. Most staff observations are created at this time.

Children help with tidy up and prepare for their morning snack by washing their hands.

Lunch: this is a nice social event, and so, is never rushed.

Small group time: Linda and Jenny each take a small group for circle time. We discuss the weekly theme, tell news, and read the weekly story.

Small group Montessori exercises time/outdoor play time .

12.15pm-12.30 pm:
Swap over between outdoors and Montessori room.
Children then gather their bags and coats for home time.

This is generally the programme of activities, however times may change from day to day.